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Le Droit Humain



Freemasonry in its various forms throughout the world is a fraternal organization dedicated to working together in harmony for the improvement of the human condition.  The basis of this work is the improvement of the individual member who works with like-minded individuals towards the same goal.  The mechanism used to achieve this is through study and ritual.  There are many symbols used in Freemasonry, for which each member is directed to create his or her own personal meaning.  These symbols serve as guideposts for each individual’s personal development.  Freemasonry is not affiliated with any religion or political organization.  For this reason, it is free from dogma or any belief system.


Freemasonry is known for its association with secrecy.  It is not an organization that is secret – its members and symbols are well known throughout the world.  Nevertheless, it is a society that has secrets, none of which have any political import.  The secrets are more on the level on which each individual seeks personal growth and development, keeping that process secret within him or herself.


While there are many branches of Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain is international and admits men and women.  Residents of the United States are often more familiar with the Grand Lodges of each state which only admit men.  Le Droit Humain is a separate International Order in which men and women work together in the same Lodge.  Le Droit Humain, nevertheless, uses the ritual of the Scottish Rite, just as is used on other observances. 


In Le Droit Humain, each country having sufficient Lodges has its own Federation.  Thus, Ma’at Lodge is part of the American Federation.  Members of Ma’at Lodge may visit not only other Lodges of the American Federation, but also Lodges in other countries that are part of Le Droit Humain.


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